New Minimum Speed Zone for South Cove  

Above this line is now a Minimum Speed zone.  Just off the picture to the left is Brooker Creek.  Watersports enthusiasts have now lost all of the 3 wind protected areas on the lake (the lake shoreline and outfall canal are already no wake zones).

  Looking North across Boot Ranch and the South Cove.

A South Cove resident gathered 15 signatures on a petition and sent it to the Pinellas County Department of Environmental Management (Will Davis, Director), who forwarded it to the county commission without review by the Lake Tarpon Management Committee (LTMC).   The LTMC later felt that it should have been reviewed by them for other possible solutions.  User conflicts was the primary reason given for this new law.  See user conflicts for more information.

The Pinellas County Commission, acting on the recommendation of Will Davis and the homeowner petition, enacted a minimum speed zone for the South Cove. 

More details (copy of the ordinance, commission meeting quotes and more) will be added soon.

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